O'followell Used Relatively New X-ray Technology To Show The Difference Between Women's Bodies With And Without Corsets.

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O Ludovic O'Followell of France, meant to illustrate the potential health detriments of wearing corsets. O'Followell used relatively new X-ray technology to show the difference between women's bodies with and without corsets. Above, an uncorseted frame. Corsets have been worn since ancient times and have always been a subject of cultural and medical debate, O'Followell writes in "Le Corset." In his book, the doctor draws upon X-ray technology, which was still in its infancy, to compare the bodies of women wearing corsets to those without. The metal boning in Victorian-era corsets shifted the abdomen and internal organs downward. Corsets narrow the bottom ribs, O'Followell notes, which can impair the lungs, make breathing difficult. The hourglass look also compresses some of the organs against the spine, while others are shifted down into the lower abdomen. Fashion illustrations show the narrow-waisted look that corsets were meant to impart. Victorian experts disagreed on whether corsets inflicted permanent damage on the body, such as causing digestive issues, enlarging the liver or leaving wearers more vulnerable to pneumonia and tuberculosis, and many of their theories don't hold up against modern medical knowledge.

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